Previous Years Question Papers and Solutions

Paper-1: Question Paper with Answers 2011.PDF 

Paper-2: Question Paper 2010.PDF 

               Solutions 2010.pdf (745,1 kB)

Paper-3: Question Paper 2009.PDF 

               Solutions 2009.pdf (977,4 kB)

Paper-4: Question Paper 2008.PDF

               Solutions 2008.pdf (1,6 MB)

Paper-5: Question Paper 2007.PDF 

                Solutions 2007.pdf (1,5 MB)

Paper-6: Question Paper 2006.PDF 

                Solutions 2006.pdf (1,2 MB)

Paper-7: Question Paper 2005.PDF 

                Solutions 2005.pdf (1,3 MB)

Paper-8: Question Paper 2004.PDF 

                Solutions 2004.pdf (1,1 MB)

Paper-9: Question Paper 2003.pdf 

                Answer Key 2003.pdf (46,4 kB)

Paper-10: Question Paper 2002.pdf

                Answer Key 2002.pdf (28,5 kB)

Paper-11: Question Paper 2001.pdf 

                Answer Key 2001.pdf (27,9 kB)

Paper-12: Question Paper 2000.pdf

                Answer Key 2000.pdf (28,2 kB)